What Went Wrong?

In my most recent blog entry I decided to talk about some of the marketing mistakes made by internationally recognised brands, so today I have decided to look reasons why this can happen.

Trying to target an audience segment that is too broad can heavily influence the strength of the message that the brand is trying to portray. It can be damaging for a company to give customers irrelevant promotional materials.

With most promotional messages, brands only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression before they lose the interest of the audience. If it is not inspiring, lacks engagement or isn’t well planned it is unlikely it will be successful.

Making bad assumptions can also cause globally recognised brands to make marketing mistakes. Marketers can jump to conclusions and assume that the audience has a prior understanding when actually they do not.

Copying the success of others does not guarantee it will be successful for everyone. Just because it was effective for a competitor does not mean it will work out the same for opposing businesses.

Forgetting to follow up marketing messages can also lead to the failure of campaigns. One marketer, Chris Fill suggests that for a successful message should be portrayed through ‘differentiating’, ‘reinforcing’, ‘informing’ and ‘persuading’. If the message is not followed up with reinforcement, it will not be as powerful to the consumer.

These are many, many more causes of ineffective marketing, but these are just some of the reasons why powerful brands can get it wrong. 

1 thought on “What Went Wrong?

  1. Kristin Maack

    You make some good points here. I think it is important for marketers to get really clear on who their audience is so they can speak to their audiences passions and struggles. This will help the message get across in a more effective manner.


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